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Interesting Things To Do In Auburn AL – Get To Know The Loveliest City Of The Plains

Part of Lee County, Auburn, AL is home to the University of Auburn and so many wonderful attractions. Auburn’s nickname is ‘The Loveliest Village on the Plains,’ and the city has a rich history. You’re going to want to visit Downtown Auburn for sure, and there’s so much more to do. Take a look at these unique and interesting places to visit in the great city of Auburn, Alabama.

Are you familiar with Jordan-Hare Stadium? It’s the stadium on the campus of Auburn University, and you might have guessed it would be one of the top attractions. The stadium is ranked #1, and it is located at 251 South Donahue Drive. If you have always wanted to go to a game at Auburn University, this is your chance. Of course, football has to be in season for that to happen. There are other events held there outside of football season though, too.

Toomer’s Corner is part of Downtown Auburn on the corner of Magnolia Avenue and College Street. It’s a great spot to stop for ice cream, and there are great places to eat there. People have good things to say about the lemonade you can find there in the reviews, too. There are historic oaks there as well, and reviews say the area is quite beautiful. Toomer’s Corner is a tradition.

A stop by Chewacla State Park is also a good idea, and you can find it at 124 Shell Toomer Parkway. This state park is great for camping and outdoor adventures. People report seeing lots of wildlife there, and reviews mention that the park is quite lovely and beautiful. There is a waterfall there about a mile and a half into one of the trails, and you can drive most of it if you prefer not to hike. There is also a diving board, and you can imagine that this park is great for picnicking and going fishing.

Then there is the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Art, which is located at 901 South College Street. A few things you’re going to see there include a Mississippi photography exhibit, Walt Andersen ceramics and a Chihuly chandelier. Are you familiar with Chihuly glass? This local museum is right near downtown, and there is even an outdoor area with displays. The art museum is free admission, too.

The Church Street Historic District is a great area of Auburn to visit as well. It’s noted as a historic district, but you’re going to be visiting a very old cemetery. The graveyard, however, is historic, and people say it is very interesting. This attraction is technically in Mobile, but it’s listed as one of the top attractions to visit when you’re in Auburn, Alabama.

The Davis Arboretum makes for a great stop, too. The address is 181 Garden Drive, People say it is very peaceful there, and it’s a great spot to take a walk in nature and perhaps do some birdwatching. There are sculptures there, too, and you will also notice lots of horticultural information posted in various places throughout The Davis Arboretum. One of the great things about this attraction, too, is it’s right on the Auburn campus.

Located at 1350 Pratt-Carden Drive is the Southeastern Raptor Center. How would you like to get up close and personal with large birds of prey? You’re talking about eagles, owls and much more. Reviews describing the experience talk about trainers bringing out 12 birds. They tell you information about each one, and then they make their way through the audience. It is said to be a very entertaining and informative experience.

Kiesel Park is located on Chadwick Lane, and it’s another place to make a stop while you’re making your way around Auburn AL. Did you bring your dog with you on vacation? Kiesel Park is a wonderful dog park, and people say the gardens are beautiful. There are benches for you to sit while your furry friend runs around unleashed.

Lastly, you’ll want to check out the amazing diverse amounts of food available in Auburn. There are so many local favorites that residents and visitors alike love to check out. Be sure to scope it out via Waitrapp or

That’s the scoop on several of the top attractions in Auburn, AL. There are all kinds of things to do in The Loveliest Village on the Plains. I would probably start at Auburn University and the downtown area, too. Make your way around the rest of the city, and have a great time in Auburn, AL.