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9 of The Best Things About Auburn University

Auburn University is recognized as one of the finest universities in the country, but is that enough to entice you to go to Auburn? Here are 7 of best things I found at Auburn which I’m sure you will love, too.


These days, also known as Organization Days, are one of my favorite times at Auburn. O-Days happen at the start of every semester and are one of the best ways to make new friends and get into the swing of the University. These are the days when organizations and clubs from all around the campus set up their tables and ask you to join. No matter what your interest is, Auburn has a club for you.


Auburn is a member of the best football conference in college, the SEC, and one of the top conferences for basketball, too. The football stadium comes to life for every home game, but the fun starts long before the doors open. If you love great food and fun, you will love the tailgate parties filling the area around the stadium. It might be a bit colder during basketball or hotter during baseball seasons, but the excitement is just as high.

Family Attitude

There might be close to 28,000 students at Auburn, but you will quickly discover you have just joined a close-knit family. You will quickly make new friends in the dorms, in your classes and at every University event. The family feeling does not stop when you graduate, either. Alumni get together across the country to cheer on the Auburn Tigers.

Class Sizes

We have been focusing on all of the fun things about Auburn so far, but the most important thing of all is the quality of education. You might be surprised to learn Auburn University has a 19:1 student to faculty ration. This means you get the individual attention you need to excel in your studies. Almost 33% of all classes have 20 or less students, with large lecture classes with more than 50 students representing only 15% of the classes.

The Faculty

We mentioned Auburn’s family feeling before, but would you expect it to extend to the professors and administration too? Auburn University’s faculty cares deeply about student success and you can feel it throughout the campus. The University takes pride in almost 50% of all students who enroll graduating with a 4-year college degree, or higher.

Intramural Sports

Not all of us are cut out to play Division I sports, but many of us love to tie on our sneakers and play. Auburn University has a wide variety of intramural sports for us “not good enough” players to enjoy. You can join a basketball, football, soccer, softball, volleyball or variety of other sports teams. If you thought the family feeling was strong on campus, wait until you start competing and practicing with friends.

Fraternities and Sororities

OK, not everyone is into the fraternity and sorority scene, but if you are, Auburn has the best chapters in the nation. You can enjoy social events thrown by your group, go to games together and assist each other with studies.

The Campus

We could probably write an entire book about the campus. Imagine wandering through the tall oak trees on a romantic date. Picture the Orange and Blue March heading to sporting events, with every student decked out in team colors filling the walkways and getting wound-up for the game. Drop by the Raptor Center and watch birds of prey putting on a show. Go hiking alone, or with friends, in the Louise Kreher Forest Ecology Preserve. Or, just stroll round the numerous dorms to meet all the great people. You could spend days just wandering the campus and exploring, but it is probably a better idea to show-up for classes.

Move-In Day

How could we leave this one out? Since you are probably ready to enroll after reading the other 8 items, we need to mention Move-In day. This special day is set aside for students to unpack, relax and start making friends. Make sure you meet a few of the sophomores and upper-class men to give you guidance on your first day at Auburn. It will be the start of a great adventure for you.

Bonus: The Food

With so much culture and fun revolving around the Auburn University, there’s a lot of unique local Auburn food and restaurants to experience! When you’re moving in, make sure to get the lay of the land and learn what types of food and groceries are around you. But then as you progress through your college experience, you’ll start to learn about the most popular spots as well as the hidden ones that are traditionally where all the students and locals go.

Auburn University is packed with tradition, fun and provides a great education.